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James May’s Toy Stories

Those of you who have met me know that I’m a huge Top Gear fan.

James May – one of Top Gear’s presenters – has been working on a show about old toys, oddly named James May’s Toy Stories.

james may lego house

James with his lego house

You see despite being a computeroid I spent most of my childhood playing (ie assembling) car and airplanes models and generally reducing everything my parents ever gave me as a present to its basic components.

The first episode of the show has finally been broadcast and has now appeared on the BBC iPlayer.

James May is out to prove why traditional, old fashioned toys are still relevant by pushing them to the limit in spectacular, supersize challenges. From full-size Lego houses to bridges made completely of Meccano, he shows what they are capable of.

James takes model aeroplanes to a new level when he tries to make a full-size Spitfire out of Airfix. The venture soon hits problems when it becomes clear the giant 36-foot pieces may not be strong enough, and nobody knows how they will fit together.

James hopes he can enthuse a group of reluctant teenagers to help him pull it off – but he soon realises he has another big battle on his hands convincing them it is a hobby to be proud of.

Now the show, at least the first episode, is not that great. Unless you are me and love building models and love toys. Can’t wait to watch the lego house episode (Picture in this post).

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